Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Love is...

Love is a special feeling given to humans. Love turned the soul. Love makes a person happy and miserable at the same time. Anybody who understands love will be the love's master, not his servant.
Reeyn Web Developer

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Tony Tonero said...

Mrs Reeyn. Honestly you've proven to the world that you are such a talent with a lot creativity living inside you... You made the world and me know that the word love is something everyone should taste because it's something really beautiful... God created us to this world we are today with his love and kindness making us to understand that when there is love between two or three then everything goes in a perfect way bringing happiness to mankind.
Love is meant to share, Love is worth giving to those who needs it, Love is the key to success if you believe and have faith in God cause he is the author and creator of love so it's certain that everyone in the world feels love.

God bless you for this inspirational words set up for the people to see and feel... You shall grow more bigger above your dream in life Mrs Reeyn. cause it's a goal God has set for you to reach peacefully.