Sunday, January 23, 2011


Again I’m brought into the situation where my mind is forced to shout painfully against my tortured heart. It’s only the dark night with company of soft city-light dancing above my hair. Where the air is cool and transmitting people’s feeling with variants emotions. Yes, it is so perfect.
Every being I know and called them human, am so proud of this weird intense sizzling stuff inside them. It’s like touches but never felt, it’s like pain but more harmful, it’s like love but much sweeter, it’s like universe but much smaller. I called it: emotions.
Then came the test: relationship. Sometimes relationship can take you down under, so deep you cannot go back up to take your short-period breath. Some may feel it’s too gigantic for a tiny little heart; it becomes too heavy that you must rest it down for a while. Others who’s much luckier, felt it was the sweetest thing ever happen to them, saying “I’m very, very happy, so please hurt me”. Funny isn’t? How one single thing that’s supposed to be the same has different impact for everybody?
When I dare to take love into my life, I must also take the risk with all the guts in me.
Either way, becoming human is learning to be human after all.

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Anonymous said...

To be human is to understand that humanity comes with great price in each and every transaction we take up within our short life,, especially with those whom fail to acknowledge humanity value! to be a human is nothing wrong or to be afraid of, however it should remain as a token of appreciation for those who can share the same feeling back rather than absorbing the good in us and bounce back the most vulgar attitude they can come up with.
this circle of misery seems to be an eternal issue that will never go away nor change its prospect, so being good is something that belongs to you and you only for what ever you plant you will then harvest and for that only make sure you plant something decent iam quite sure you will be rewarded eventually (but with those who deserve it, otherwise you will be waisting your life time proving nothing)
sincerely yours

Anonymous said...

isn't it